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Get a customised energy solution from experts to maintain power supply and reduce your bills at home.

Get a customised energy solution from experts to maintain power supply and reduce your bills at home. Rubicon offers access to high-quality products and skilled installers for hassle-free installation of smart energy solutions.

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We connect you with top-notch installers and products

Rubicon utilizes advanced and efficient technology, offers a range of kit options, and provides comprehensive professional support to identify the ideal solar and battery solution tailored to your requirements.


Our PV and backup solutions contain high-quality components engineered to meet your home’s power needs.


Your installer can complete the mandatory SSEG registration on your behalf, through the Rubicon platform. That means less hassle for you.


You will be in good hands with a trusted and reputable installer from our national network of highly skilled, accredited installers.


Our user-friendly calculator will help determine which solar or battery solution best suits your needs, as well as the costs involved and the potential returns.


Our highly skilled, experienced technical support team is available to assist you with your selected system.

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Answer a few simple questions about your power consumption to find the best combination of solar technology for your energy needs, and a cost estimate

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Our network of nationally recognised and certified installers comprises highly skilled and reliable professionals, ensuring that you are in good hands when choosing an installer for your project.

our process flow

Efficient Energy Solution Process


Take the first step

Use our simple calculator for an estimate of how much a solar installation will cost, as well as how much you’ll save, based on your specific needs.


Site assessment

To determine the best course of action for your installation, a trusted installer will conduct an on-site assessment at your residence.



Upon agreeing to the quote, the next step is to proceed with payment for your system to complete the purchase process and initiate installation.



Our reliable installers ensure your system is installed swiftly, safely and neatly with top-quality products and best practices.


The handover

After commissioning your solution, the installer will brief you on its operation and hand over the system, also providing updates on your SSEG submission.

Join the Rubicon EV ecosystem

Take charge of your energy needs with Rubicon Home solar solutions.

There are many advantages to pairing an energy solution with your electric vehicle, most notably, to maximise savings.

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